We have some great news folks…… Your boys are bringing back some gold from Boulder City Nevada!

Our very own GASMASK won the Audience Award in the Sc-Fi/Horror category.


The Dam Short Film Festival really knows how to put on a show and how to treat its filmmakers.  They shuttled us by limo to a red carpet event held at the historic Boulder City Theater, owned by resident celebrity Desi Arnaz Jr and where all the films were screened.  On the carpet the press interviewed the filmmakers as we walked in.  The awards ceremony began at about 6:30pm and concluded around 9pm.  We were surprised to hear our name as we knew that the competition was fierce.  There had been talk all day about how strong the Sci-Fi block of films had been. We felt that all the films were excellent and were truly just proud to be among them.
Eric, Thomas and Pablo were very excited to go on stage to receive the reward.  The films that won the Audience Award in each category were screened once more for the full house, and after the show, there was one last party to attend.  All the filmmakers here have been very supportive of our efforts and we have met so many talented people.
The atmosphere at DSFF has been something like an artists retreat.  We have had an incredible experience here in Boulder City and hope to attend this festival again in the future. We leave with mixed feelings; happy because we have won, but still a little sad because it is over.
This a great victory for everyone involved in this film, the crew, the cast and all of our wonderful donors that have believed in the project from its humble beginnings. A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone that made this possible. Hopefully this is a great start to many more as the festival run continues!