Cast and Crew Screening



After months of post production, the film has been completed we decided to screen the film in a private function to the cast and crew, who had worked so hard on the film and to the donators of our indiegogo campaign as well as some friends and family of those involved in the film.  We sent out the invites and had a tremendous response, over 300 guests decided to attend our private, invite only screening.

We chose to screen it at the Bowtie Criterion Cinema in Greenwich Connecticut, mostly in part because the base of the donators came from the area and it was a quick train ride from NYC.  We had screened another film Humungoid Films had produced and had a pleasant experience with the staff but most of all, General Manager Nicole Castelluci.  The theater itself is beautiful, the 400-seat theater is a throwback to a previous generation with a HUGE 40 foot tall screen and beautiful red curtains.


Photo Aug 01, 11 14 17 AM

Error screen we got when trying to upload the DCP file to the DCP Server… We got a lot of these.

Photo Aug 01, 11 15 59 AM

This is what the DCP server displays when you get it to work…. Luckily we did!

We managed to get a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) version of the film, which was wonderful!  It meant we were able to screen in its correct aspect ratio 2.40.1 Scope, filling the entire screen with our film!  It wasn’t an easy feat to say the least, Pablo drove back and forth from Greenwich to NYC at least seven times that week trying to figure it out how to make it work.  The first time we sat in the theater and the curtains open all the from wall to wall to show the immense size of the 2.40.1 screen we just knew that we had to screen it like that.  Making a DCP for your film is pretty expensive and really out of our price range, but as most obstacles that our film has had, we figured out a way to get it done!  We were extremely lucky that we have an incredibly talented filmmaker like Alan Gordon as an ally.  He actually created the DCP for us.  Thank you  Alan.  Check out his work here.

Photo Aug 05, 11 32 31 PM copy

Seeing the Movie play in 2.40.1 Scope was amazing….

We had put a lot of effort into this film and wanted our guest to really enjoy the experience of going to see it.  We worked with Nicole to get the sound levels of each speaker just right to take advantage of the DTS 5.1 surround sound mix the film has.  As the day rapidly approached, we worked diligently to make sure event went off without a hitch with the help of our event planner Greta Rushion.

Photo Aug 11, 9 55 26 AM

Stack of tickets for the Invite-Only event.


Photo Aug 08, 1 31 21 PM

T-shirts ready to be raffled off with Original Artwork by Daniel Freeman.


Photo Aug 07, 11 09 02 AM

Master-of-all-trades and frequent collaborator Helio Abdal making our Press Kit displays


Photo Aug 07, 11 12 10 AM

Presentation boards are ready to go….

Guests were given a special ticket for the screening that doubled as a souvenir.  We also had our beautiful PRESS KIT blown up and on display in the lobby.  Special thanks to our friend and long time collaborator, Master of all trades, Helio Abdal for doing such a beautiful job putting the press kit displays together.   The costumes were also proudly displayed for all to see the details of the film.  Our Costume Designer, Alexandra Kaucher was among the crew that attended, so it was special.  The theater gave us a velvet rope that we used to rope off the area.  It really gave it a nice touch.  The guests got to see just how much work was put into the film.


The theater let us display our costumes and press kit. They even put out a velvet rope.



Some of our wonderful cast and crew!


Lead Actor Jason Zednick with Director Pablo Bonelli and V. Anthony Boreland.

Lead Actor Jason Zednick with Director Pablo Bonelli and V. Anthony Boreland.


Inside the theater, it was a packed house!  Eric, the producer introduced Pablo with some kind remarks.  Pablo came on stage and talked a little about the process of making the film.  He thanked his cast and crew for their dedicated hard work as well thanking the producers and co-producers by name before the film screened.


Producer Eric Bussey making an introduction.


It was a packed house. Lots of anticipation…


Writer/ Director Pablo Bonelli saying a few words about the film.


The Bow Tie was the perfect place to show the film, it is a beautiful theater with a 40 foot screen and the red curtains gave it the right feel and experience we were looking for.


We think all will agree that it looked stunning on such a large screen, it was beautiful to see it come to life in front of an audience!  We were all extremely happy with the way it screened.  After the screening Pablo came back on stage and invited everyone to a little after party at The Gingerman just a few blocks away from the theater.



A packed after party at The Gingerman Greenwich.


Pablo Bonelli with co-producer Christian Burns and wife Holly


The Party went on into the night….


From Left to right:
Pablo Bonelli, Jason Zednick, Alex Gallitano, Jacob Stafford and Jeremy Gardner.

The place was over-flowing!  It seemed like just about every one in the audience came to the after party and was abuzz with questions about the future, which is undoubtedly bright, and lavished the cast and crew with compliments and encouragements.  Chef Jerry Alcin put out delicious appetizers for everyone, and everyone’s movie ticket was good for a pint of GASMASK brew (we named it that after coming up with an awesome tap handle).  17 local sponsors contributed to our fund-raising raffle that helped raise a chunk of money for the film festival submission fees that this film is encountering.  We gave away some cool swag including posters and exclusive Tshirts that had cool original concept art from Artist Daniel Freeman. The party was a huge success and so much fun for all and rolled on well into the night.


Lots of swag was raffled off…


Marianella Bonelli doing some quality control and making sure the GASMASK brew was pouring correctly.


Thank you to all who gave, but even more important, thank you to all who came to see our movie on the big screen the way it was intended to be experienced.  Our hope is that it will be seen on many more large screens around the country and in the world in our festival run.



Producers Thomas Ascenzi, Pablo Bonelli & Eric Bussey.


From the producers:

Thank You once again from the bottom of our hearts for your support of this film!  We will keep you posted on what is to come!